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Freestyle Sets:
[get on the decks, press record, spin tunes]

The Masquerade is over 2010  (strictly vinyl)          
This is a tough one...phew [fela kuti goes compost/jazzanova meets metro area chills out kisses dubby electro and then slips into some luke vibert kinda stuff only to end up in kruder & dorfmeisters arms...]

The 10FOOT Tapes 2010
HipHop [My mate's just got sent to prison and he lives on oxygen, aerosol and golden age HipHop. so i'll spin tunes he loves in full length]

Vol.1+2: strictly mellow vinylPlaylist

Vol.3: mainly storytelling

Vol.4+5: strictly vinyl

Vol.6: Various tunes

Through the Valley of the Beast 2010  (strictly vinyl)          
Various/TripHop/Ambient/ChillOut [Once in a while everybody has to walk through the dark valley of the beast...]

African Vibration 2010  (strictly vinyl)
Afro Beat [50 minute set i recorded for Leeberation's positive vibration radio show, includes some Fela Kuti, Manu Dibango, Gil Scott-Heron, J-Rawls, DJ DSL a.o.]

Dubsteppa 2010
Dubstep [i like]

Positive Vibration 8 2010
Reggae [2-hour set I recorded with my man Leeberation in the Peanut Factory for Optical Radio. heavy heavy heavy Reggae, roots to modern, Germany to England to Jamaica. Positive Vibration with the Leeberation]

Positive Vibration 9 2010
Reggae [2-hour set I recorded with my man Leeberation in the Peanut Factory for Optical Radio. heavy heavy heavy Reggae, roots to modern, Germany to England to Jamaica. Positive Vibration with the Leeberation]

A Brief Tribute to Fela Kuti 2010           
Afro Beat [Do I have to say anything more? the don of african rhythms. a half-hour set. i didn't play out any of the tracks rather than giving you a glimps of rhythm for each. those who know the man know that many of his tunes last longer than 10 minutes. enjoy a brief tribute to Fela Kuti]

Saturday Late Night Jam 2010  (strictly vinyl)
Chillout/HipHop [one late night saturday night i decided to record a few tunes around 80 bpm. we're talking kruder and dorfmeister, portishead, mf doom, dj static, quasimoto, smoke city and the herbaliser. 34min]

HipHaaaaaaaap 2010  (strictly vinyl)
HipHop [spinning some tunes. 32min. starts off with one of my favourite dilla rmxs, then bahamadia, a swedish crew called superscientifical, large pro, the funky man, coco Bs aka smith n wessum, sadat x 1996, heather b, mobb deep 1994 and the like. sorry about that hiss, the delay wasn't set straight]

This is for my dealer (or: 50pounds of vinyl) 2009  (strictly vinyl)
HipHop [On one of the most enlightening days of my life i happened to buy GBP200 worth of vinyl for 50! after talking Philosophy for 3 hours with someone I barely knew I recorded this mix of the vinyl I just bought + two or three tracks from my crates. it was flowing despite quite a few beers and spliffs. Try to enjoy it as much as I did]

A Tribute to Portishead  2009  (strictly vinyl)
Portishead [I mixed together all the Portishead Vinyl i own. some delay added with a scratch here and there. enjoy the melancholly!]

...if it ain't broken, don't try to mix it (partI)   2009  (strictly vinyl)
Various [I was digging through my record collection restructuring parts of it and playing some tunes from the Soul, Funk, Jazz section. no fancy mixing, just really good music]

...if it ain't broken, don't try to mix it (partII)  2009  (strictly vinyl)
Various [same really... only that this one's more on the chilled out beats side of life]

Various Bangin Joints2010
HipHop [I freestyled a set of tunes I preselected a while ago. all bangin joints spiced up with a bit of turntablism, delay and some serato features]

Positive Vibration - Reggae meets HipHop 2010
Reggae/HipHop [this is a set i recorded for Leeberation's radio show Positive Vibration on Optical Radio. Reggae inspired HipHop, German Reggae plus some favourites]

As mainstream as it gets 2009  (vinyl played back through serato)
Various [A promoter asked me for a promomix of what the kind of music I'd play at a mainstream party so i got out serato and jammed a set loosely based on the Landungsbrücken set. first take recording! party it up!]

...noch einmal mit Gefühl / ...once more with feeling 2008
Various[Jazzmen in love... love's a bitch though. It's quite cheesy at the beginning, stay tuned]

Elektronic Vibration 2010
Elektronic vibes [125bpm digging tunes from my harddrive most of which i heard for the first time while recording the set.... starts off with a wicked didgeridoo tune.

It's a 2-Puff-Ride to someInsane Infinity 09/2008  (strictly vinyl)
Various [took 3 tracks to roll.. then it's all going somewhere beyond my control)

Spinnin some wax 05/2008  (strictly vinyl)
HipHop [what can I say? jazzmen spinning some HipHop tunes from back in the day. No effects - just some wax]

Spontano 03/2007 Playlist  (strictly vinyl)
HipHop [check the playlist. nough said]

Jazzmen B2B Trisha 2005  (strictly vinyl)
128 BPM [Studio set on 3 turntables and 2 mixers, wicked shit at ~128bpm. Trisha is a DJane blessing Zurich with the nicest minimal and electro tunes for the past 10 years. it was the first and last time we played a set together and both of us had no idea what tunes the other would bring to the session. it happened to become a really cool set of tunes and RMXs with some highlights and an interesting intro]

live@93 feet east, London 17.01.2006  Playlist (strictly vinyl)
Various [A more laid back set I played at a club in London including reggae, funk, downbeat, triphop and hiphop tunes. check out, good club]

Men of Jazz  (zip-format)  Playlist  (strictly vinyl)
Jazz [Jazz set, no fancy mixing, simply good music]

US Hip Hop  Playlist  (strictly vinyl)
HipHop [One of my favourite sets! sit back, relax!]

Back to the Essence  Playlist  (strictly vinyl)
HipHop [Back to the roots. I think only one track is from after '95. Last third is pure De La Soul shit]

Arndt Mix  (strictly vinyl)
German HipHop [German Style! Flowin terrific]

US Hip Hop  Playlist  (strictly vinyl)
HipHop [Joints from 1991-2004]

Hip Hop Digger!  Playlist  (strictly vinyl)
HipHop [Fuck it! Check the playlist!]

48Mix  (strictly vinyl)
HipHop [48 minutes of pleasure]

Drums, Bass and da prescious little Something  (strictly vinyl
DnB [you'll find out eventually...]

Neuge Spontano  (strictly vinyl)
House/minimal/??? [I had the chance to lay hands on my mate's record collection and just started mixing...2003]


Studio Sets:
[sets that were planned out before recording]

Stay True to Your Roots (part1) 2006  (strictly vinyl)
Breaks [sample madness! 32 tunes in 30 minutes. recognize your/my favourite HipHop tunes?]

The Schall & Rauch Tape:2004  (strictly vinyl)
DnB/Chill-out [my most spread disease so far despite the endstation stuff. literally translated it's sound & smoke but it also means hollow words. the Sound side provides solid drum'n'bass on three turntables and the Smoke side is for the chill out]

Nein 2006    Playlist  (strictly vinyl)
German HipHop [German Hiphop at its best]

US3  2004 Playlist  (strictly vinyl)
HipHop [Nicely mixed US HipHop set, mostly melodic tunes]

Angenehmen Chill  2000 Playlist  (strictly vinyl)
German HipHop/Chill-out [This is my very first "mixtape". recorded on one(!) MiniDisc-Player. Lot of cutting involved ;). 2000. German Rap. Chill!]

80bpm 2005  Playlist  (strictly vinyl)
various [First draw of a set using 3 turntables]

Aight 2004  Playlist  (strictly vinyl)
HipHop [A set of US hiphop I played at a schoolparty in 2002. the first 8 min are taken from an avalanches set I liked]

Seven A 2003  Playlist  (strictly vinyl)
Seven B                                                                        
HipHop [one of my first hiphop mixtapes...well ok it's seven but i haven't seen the first six around in years

Drum'n'Bass'n'Rap 2003  (strictly vinyl)
DnB [My first DnB Mix from 2003. Comes straight from tape]

Sonntag Playlist 2004 (strictly vinyl)
Various [it's sunday morning... chill out, man! I definitely was!]



Endstation - suburban street knowledge (SNIPPET) 2007
[Production, beats, recording, mix and a fair amount of lyrics by yours truly! check it out and buy the CD from me if you like what you hear. we have some copies left]

Kill ya enemies (Jazzmen rmx) 2005
[First track i ever produced. Beat: Jazzmen. Raps: NEK (switzerland), Messageman (Ghana/Jamaica), Beau (Australia), Don (Switzerland), Jazzmen (Germany) and Ursi (Spain)]

Project L 2006
[this is a first draw for a project with my london flatmate combining video and audio in the process of producing rather than creating one for the other. it is very laid back with only a whiff of rhythm and actually nice to chill to...]

Jongsn - Gut gegen Böse Snippet 2005
[Jongsn has launched his Demo "Gut gegen Böse" (most of which I have recorded and mixed). the forthcoming album will be out soon! check!!]


Other Tracks:

10:38,Creme Fresh,Taunusrocken & Jazzmen- München bis Mainz
[Posse track feat 4 crews from Munich to Mainz that was recorded on a
BBQ session a day after the Jam4Taunus. Creme Fresh from Munich released their 3rd album and been touring with Blumentopf. 1038 (Henrico, Weirdo and especially Hivo) are a bunch of ignorant cunts]© 2005 • There's not a problem that i can't fix • cause I can do it in the mix